Before Kazoo came into my life in 2003, I had never even seen a Chinese Hairless Crested. I quickly fell in love with his unique features and his personality. I searched for any information I could find about the breed. What I read about their history inspired me to create this book.

There are many theories about their history. Many believe they were originally from Africa, where they were used as bed warmers, and were picked up by Chinese trading vessels because they made great ratters on the ships. They were often traded in ports around the world ending up on several continents. It is said that the ancient Mandarins of China were captivated by their elegance and grace and named them Chinese Crested. During the Han dynasty, they were two types. One was kept as a pet and were called “treasure house guardians,” and the larger variety was used as a hunting dog.

Chinese Cresteds were first exhibited in the Miscellaneous Class at the Westminster Dog Show in 1885, but their American Breed Club wasn’t established until 1979. Cresteds were finally granted full American Kennel Club recognition in 1991. They are four hairless dog breeds.

There are two different types of Chinese Cresteds, Hairless and Powderpuff, and they are often born in the same litter. The Hairless variety only has hair on its head called a crest, on its tail called a plume, and on its feet called socks. Powderpuffs have soft long hair all over their bodies like other dogs and may have longer hair in the same 3 spots. They are both “hair” dogs so people who are allergic to fur and dander have no problem with Cresteds.



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